About Alef Bet Preschool


Penny Judelson is lead teacher of our Three Day Two's class.

Penny's magical way with children, combined with her high energy level and her boundless love and understanding of children are unique and wonderful. Penny brings a wealth of wisdom and experience to the job.

Morah Penny has been teaching, working, and playing with preschoolers for the past 30 years. She taught fifth and sixth graders for eight years in Stamford, Connecticut before entering the world of preschool.

Penny holds a B.S. in Education from Lesley University as well as a M.Ed in Special Education from Boston College.

Penny's two daughters are grown and out on their own careers in fashion and education.

Penny is blessed with a grandson, Calvin, who is presently enrolled at Alef Bet, and he is loving every minute of his preschool experience!

To quote Penny: "There is nothing better than going to work every day and seeing the delicious faces of your precious children! Where else can you go to work and receive constant hugs and kisses?"