About Alef Bet Preschool


Morah Denise is lead teacher of our Toddler class and afternoon teacher in our 2's. Denise was born in Argentina and moved to Israel is 1998. Denise lived in Israel for 15 years and then relocated to the US in 2012. Denise spent six years with her family in Houston, Texas and then the family settled in Harrison last year. Denise lives with her husband Ezequiel and her children Yair, who attends the Leffell School and Eden, who is part of our Five Day Two's class.

Denise received her Bachelor's degree in biology and education at Tel Aviv University and she holds a Master's degree in pet-assisted therapy, which she received at Levinsky College in Herzliya, Israel.

Denise has been an early childhood teacher for 14 years and it is her second year at Alef Bet. Denise ran a wonderful Teva program at our school. She is also a book enthusiast and has set up an excellent new system in our school library. Denise is a gentle, creative and experienced educator and is a wonderful addition to our staff!