About Alef Bet Preschool


Debbie Blumenthal is assistant teacher of our toddler and 3 Day 2's class class in Harrison. She also runs our after-school art activities in both locations. Debbie comes from a line of early childhood educators and has been one herself for the past 14 years, working with 2, 3, 4 and 5 year old children. Debbie is a very energetic and creative teacher and has been working for several years now in an interactive after school art program called Oodle Monkey in Rye Brook. Debbie also works summers at Mohawk Day Camp doing Little Wood Shop. Debbie looks forward to a shared partnership with parents and children throughout the year and is thrilled to have the opportunity to join the staff at Alef Bet Harrison. Debbie lives in Rye Brook with her family and is blessed with three terrific children.

We feel very lucky to have Debbie as part of the Alef Bet family!