About Alef Bet Preschool


Caroline Allouche is Lead Teacher in the Fours' class in New Rochelle. Caroline was born and raised in the South of France.

She loves the world of education and earned a Bachelor's Degree in Education in Paris, France. After graduation, Caroline lived in Los Angeles and was a nursery teacher in the local Chabad preschool. After L.A. she taught preschool in BMH-BJ of Denver, Colorado. Over the past ten years, she taught at the Jewish Institute of Queens N.Y. as a lead teacher for 3s and 4s.

Caroline currently lives in Brooklyn, N.Y. with her family. Outside of work, Caroline enjoys spending time with her grandson at the park and museums. She loves reading, baking, and discovering new things and places. We are delighted to have Morah Caroline joining our team with her warmth, dedication and years of experience!